Romain Vanderstraeten

Romain Vanderstraeten’s clients know him as a ‘facilitator’ - an expert in connecting companies, particularly in the IT sector, with the key European institutions. He has more than 30 years experience in helping to define business strategy for companies wishing to work within the EU infrastructure.

A snapshot of Romain’s CV reveals he worked for NCR, a world-leading provider of enterprise IT technology across various sectors, either side of its purchase and subsequent resale by AT&T. He has been Managing Director of Luxembourg-based business consultancy Com-Pass SA since 2003.

At NCR he was for a time director for the European Institutions Team, while at AT&T GIS (Global Information Solutions, he was sales manager and Customer Focus Team Leader for the European Institutions team for projects in Belgium, Luxembourg, and other territories, as well as Eurocontrol, supporting European aviation. He was Responsible for all aspects of the strategy, analysis, and services approach - and for the Cross Business Unit worldwide (all Business Units of AT&T - groups and Unisource).

Romain also underwent advanced training in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test tool at the Cranfield University School of Management in the UK.

Romain has been advising Consono for a number of years through his connection with Michael Brands and most recently he has agreed to take on a more active role in bringing his expertise to bear on helping the company build on its contacts in national and local government and in the government sector at European, national and regional level, with a support role on justice and health.