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Big sporting events promise a data goldmine


The reopening of big, ticketed sporting events provides an excellent opportunity to test analytics based on GDPR constraints and pseudonymization.

Events run under the UK’s Events Research Programme such as the British Grand Prix, are given scientific objectives.

These include post-event online interviews with attendees to discuss their adherence to the rules, with caveats that it iss expected many people wouldn’t respond and that those who did were likely to tailor their reporting of behaviour to meet expectation.

In the end, even if there’s an element of distrust about the unstructured data coming from unreliable witnesses, the structured data presents many opportunities for analysis without even having to reveal the identity of the people involved.

What will be known is all the Who, What, Where, and When data about the people, where they live, the time and place of the event and its duration.

That’s on top of people’s health data: Had they had either tested negative within 48 hours, had received two vaccinations, or had proof of natural immunity.

Multiply that by up to 140,000 at the British Grand Prix the unstructured data coming from a post-event survey, that’s a lot of information and a huge opportunity for real insight.

The results will be interesting.

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