Illustration Book: Data Harmonization In The Key Of C

Dynizer inventor’s book brings Data Harmonization to life.

Consono CEO Michael Brands reveals the people and ideas that led to his view that there’s a better way to ‘do big data’ than the way most organizations and companies are doing it now.

Those views became the driving force behind the Dynizer Data Harmonization Engine - a practical solution to the problem of being able to use structured and unstructured data in the same way, no matter where it comes from, or what it’s intended use.

Data Harmonization in the Key of C (or How to Tune Your Data)

The Who, What, Where, and When of the people, places, and philosophy behind the theory of Data Harmonization.

Includes three practical examples from the fields of healthcare, law enforcement and customer relations that demonstrate how easily data can be modelled using the unique, patented technology embodied in the Dynizer, in order to make use of all the data you create every day.

Just under 200 pages, three data models and one joke that will change the way you look at data and help you to make better use of it.

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