Build trust by using Dynizer to train RAG / SML / LLM with your (un)structured data

Patented technology understanding the semantic value of your data

Fast I less data needed I accuracy I Avoid noise & hallucinations

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Dynizer for Teams | Find document I Summary I Relevance I Compare I Pseudonymize GDPR compliance I AI readiness


Use the knowledge hidden in 80% of your stored data

Iso Gain Insights

Gain Insights

  • Find documents with similar content

  • Summarize text to its essence

  • World cloud overview

  • Compare text

Iso Build Revenue

Navigate & (Re)Search

  • Dashboards (OAC / Power BI)

  • Navigate through gigabytes of documents and databases

  • Work with the most relevant data

Iso Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

  • Cloud or on-premises solution

  • Quicker time from raw data to actionable info

  • Automatic Pseudonymization & Anonymization 

Iso Integrate

Prepare for successful AI projects

  • Avoid garbage in / garbage out

  • Find and use relevant context Combine documents with CRM; SCM; HR, FIN, …application data

  • Respect privacy and GDPR regulations

Let the Dynizer Guide Your Data Journey

Iso Technology


The exponential growth of unstructured data demands progressive AI solutions in business. The Dynizer uses AI to replace the relational database as the paradigm of choice for data storage and handling, querying and analysis so you can invest more on data usage and less on discovery. More here...

Iso Process


The Dynizer can take you from raw data to information that works strategically in only five steps. It gives data back to the people who create it, and the people who know how to extract full value from it. That means quicker time-to-information, less time tied up on data quality and data management issues. More here...

Iso Partners


We look to work with trusted data integrators with international reputations who can help make your data projects happen quickly with minimum downtime for maximum impact. If you would like to become a Consono partner, give us a call. More here...

Iso People


Consono’s experienced sector experts have years of experience across many industries. They speak the language of your business and can help make the Dynizer work for you. More here...

Customers and Partners


Our customers come from finance, insurance, healthcare, government, and beyond.

What unites them is a desire to make better use of the data they create, to improve the insight it offers, and to be able to use it more strategically – without disrupting operations or interrupting business processes.

If you want to connect your data, steer your business towards Industry 4.0, and take the mystery out of Artificial Intelligence without ripping up your data architecture, talk to us. We are sure we can help.


Businesses trust people they know. We aim to work with dedicated integration professionals who have a track record of excellence to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

We are looking to team up with best-in-class technology partners who can bring our customers exemplary service and operational peace of mind.

Ideally, our partners are leaders in business advice and expertise, database technologies, software, and applications integration, with experience in sectors such as finance, insurance, healthcare and government.

Data Factory Illustration

How to turn all your strategic data into useful content