About Us


In his book, ‘Data Harmonization in the Key of C’, Consono’s CEO and founder Michael Brands describes the process companies go through as they move from innovation to disruption and the people, they need to make that happen.

At Consono, the transition from development to sales is well under way, led by Michael, aided by business experts who have strong backgrounds in development and infrastructure, marketing and delivery.

Alongside them is a group of advisors, pooling decades of experience across a wide business spectrum. These are the public faces of Consono. Behind them is a dedicated team of developers and specialists who help keep the company moving forward.


Consono was founded as Dynactionize NV in Antwerp in 2014, built entirely on private capital from a close-knit group of investors. While the HQ remains in Antwerp the company, rebranded in 2020 as Consono, also has a presence in Austria, India, Spain and the UK.


Our mission is to create a dynamic access infrastructure that automatically learns and uncovers all the relevant links contained within any rapidly changing narrative and relational data, to bring faster, better, and more intelligent insights. Our vision is for Consono to provide the infrastructure that best serves data flexibly and intelligently, sweeping away the need to create different rules for the storage of different data types.

Experienced professionals in database design, business development, software and testing

Consono’s Leadership Team

Michael Brands
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Brands

Florian Lechner
Head Of Development

Florian Lechner

Diederik Herbert
Corporate Secretary

Diederik Herbert