Data engines are the same all over the world

Except this one

The Dynizer: a new kind of data harmonization engine that tells you things you didn’t know

The Dynizer data harmonization engine’s patented technology virtualizes, integrates and manages structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from any source, making it useful in any application. 

Consono was created in 2014 to build the Dynizer based on the realization that any data element was either a person, a thing, a location, or a time and place. A Who, a What, a Where, or a When.


All the data, all the links,
endless possibilities…

The Dynizer benefits any sector where harmonizing data into one universally usable resource, and the ability to combine structured and unstructured data in real time, makes a recognisable improvement in operational outcomes. These include: Data Governance and compliance (eg: GDPR).

All the data

The Dynizer harmonizes all kinds of data, whether that’s in rows and columns, like spreadsheets, or in plain text in anything from emails to documents. It treats all data the same way…

All the links

When data is harmonized into the Dynizer, the platform automatically detects direct and indirect links between data elements, finding without searching and telling you things you didn’t know…

Endless possibilities

What does that mean for your data? It means you can use it anywhere you want without having to worry about the way specific data models were set up for particular applications. The model is less complicated, doesn’t break, queries remain valid and no data is lost.

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