Break through the walls separating your data from insight


The traditional ways of finding insights in your data are complicated, time-consuming, costly, and inefficient. There’s a wall between your structured data and your unstructured data and it’s a struggle to break through.

Consono’s patented Dynizer technology tunnels through the wall to link your structured and unstructured data in a connected, integrated platform. Or it can sit on top of your entire data infrastructure, seamlessly bringing everything together so you can make strategic use of all your data.

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How It Works

A Dynamic Semantic Index

The Dynizer is an innovative patented technology that removes the barriers between diverse structured databases, quickly and comprehensively reveals the full content of any unstructured sources, and automatically connects structured and unstructured data in one evolving model.

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How It Works


The Dynizer is able to build its own data models on the fly and add to the model through intelligent import pipelines for structured and unstructured data. What’s more, any new data coming into the system is automatically linked to the information that’s already there.

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Dynizer Query Language

The Dynizer has its own query language: DQL. It’s an extended SQL, and again it’s the Who, What, When, and Where that makes the difference. Find structured and unstructured data in the same query and create complex joins more easily.