Using the Dynizer to look for clues in the news


The Dynizer's narrative data integration regime contains several tools that help transform what's normally considered to be 'unstructured' data into a form that can be queryied, explored and exploited alongside 'structured' data.

To demonstrate some of this capability, we recently ran a 93-sentence long article from CNN on the current tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border through the Dynizer to see what insights it brought.

We were able to use the Dynizer's ability to abstract the Who, What, Where, and When entities from the text - along with the Actions that bring them together and offer context within sentences.

We were also able to summarize the data on a sliding scale right down to one sentence, which gave us the key question in the article which was: "So how imminent is the threat of a full scale war?"

Then we used the Dynizer's hybrid artificial intelligence and natural language processing combination to see if the article could provide us the answer.

Spoiler alert. It did.

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